A literary analysis of positive and negative influences in the great expectations and les miserables

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A literary analysis of positive and negative influences in the great expectations and les miserables

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Three genres that affect the theme in Les Miserables are: The historical research gave you knowledge of the author, and what was going on when Victor Hugo was writing this book. The literary analysis allowed you to get content from the book and provided examples of the theme.

The creative element allowed you to present it as how you Components of Romanticism and Realism are used by Hugo in order to successfully project his feelings about the plight of mankind. Romanticism was an artistic and intellectual movement in the After receiving the parole, Valjean searched for a job.

Fortunately, Valjean met Bishop Myriel. This Bishop let him stay in his house and gave him something to eat. Under the background of nineteenth century, the novel has clearly appeared the plot by describing the tragic life of the impoverished people in England.

The hero, Ran A Rang, a poor worker who had been sentenced to prison, once successfully crawled towards the higher class of society in his endeavors through disguising himself and doing It follows the lives and interactions of several French characters over a twenty-year period in the early 19th century, starting inthe year of Napoleon's final defeat at Waterloo.

The novel focuses on Written sometime between andHugo provides a detailed look into nineteenth century France's society and politics. BY combining his story of redemption with the wrongdoings of the The writer sympathises with the people and the republican movements rather than the monarchy.

His actions are lead by the theory that it is better to lead a life where rules are followed. It is your duty to obey the laws and it is your duty to always act in this manner. Consequences are not to be considered when judging a persons actions Thiroux, Krasemann,p.

Around the world, the figure of justice is portrayed as blind from all information but objective facts. In the novel Les Miserables written by Victor Hugo, the figure of justice is meant to be completely blind, but it does not stay totally blind.

Jean Valjean, the main character of the novel had been a prisoner for 19 years. When he was released from prison he was given a yellow ticket that identified The story follows the political progress in France, for the Like in the character of Fantine who symbolizes the powerless and discriminated women at that time due to lack of education and wealth.

They are also those who are good but poor and hopeless women condemned by the cruel society. Moreover, through the character of Fantine reveals the hypocrisy of the society that ostracizes and discriminates women.

The character of Jean Valjean is influenced and linked with other characters whose lives become intertwined. Jean Valjean was an honest man who committed a minor crime of stealing a loaf of bread to feed his family. His criminal records led him to have a hard time finding employment, lodgings and place in the society.

It is based upon a novel written in the nineteenth century by a French novelist named Victor Hugo. The story follows a man named Jean Valjean who struggles with his everyday life of being an ex-convict.

We see throughout the story line his experience of redemption and how he tries to become at peace with himself and God. This is the vocation of every person. Explore the depth of the message of the film. In what did the theme challenged you as a person? The film, Les Miserables, I have to say has a bitter-sweet ending.

I would describe the film to be displaying dynamic message as the story did not revolve around one setting, place, or The way the play was arranged and worded made a lot of sense; all the lines were very clear.

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Because of these lines, during the slow or boring parts, I remained interested. However, many parts of the play I found to be confusing. They play did not seem to give much information or background about why the characters did what they did.

One of the most puzzling parts in Les Miserables was Javert's He did not predict the consequences of embezzling and not embezzling.

After the Bishop took him in.An analysis of the concept of ki in the philosophy of lao tzu; An analysis of the flood story of the ancient sumerian mythology; An analysis of the crisis in east timor using the sociological theory of conflict; Writing a first person narrative essay; Family influance on language skills;.

% FREE Papers on Why are positive expectations impor essays. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Class , high school & college. Great Expectations Essay; power of love is a strong thing that can alter a person’s life and that is showcased quite often within books such as Les Miserables and Great Expectations.

They also proved how different love can be for different people. Positive and Negative Influences . Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens is fascinating tale of love and fortune.

A literary analysis of positive and negative influences in the great expectations and les miserables

The main character Pip is a dynamic character who undergoes many changes through the course of the book. Throughout this analysis the character Pip will be identified and his gradual change through the story will be surveyed. Les Miserables Literary Analysis Essay the main characters are faced with negative challenges and influences.

Positive guides and influences also affect the characters in these books; the positive guides usually end up winning in the end. In Great Expectations, the main character of the story was Pip.

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