Kazakhstan driving forces

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Kazakhstan driving forces

Home Almaty Small Business: A Driving Force in Kazakhstan The development of entrepreneurship in the SME sector contributes to increased employment, increased volumes and a qualitative improvement in domestic production.

Government programs have helped support entrepreneurs in the young country, but there is more to be done to support this crucial economic force. The development of the SME sector continues against the background of a gradual stabilization of the economic situation in Kazakhstan on one hand and the increasing influence of external economic factors on the other.

Currently, trade and commerce makes up the largest portion of all SMEs 41 percentfollowed by agriculture 22 percentservices 11 percenttransport and communication 7 percentconstruction 3 percent and heavy industry 3 percent.

Other enterprises make up the remaining 13 percent. The dynamism of the SME sector and its exposure to changes in the business environment means risk can be high, even for enterprises that generally function well, and the survival rate of new companies is low.

A number of problems related to SME development in Kazakhstan emerged over the early years of independence, when the country was forming its sovereign economy, and remain unresolved to this day.

To help Kazakhstan driving forces these problems, the state has come to play an active role in managing SMEs. Information and analytical support and training through the Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund are popular among those aspiring to start or expand businesses in the country.

Damu also provides credit lines through partner banks. This question is important because small and medium businesses are where people sell some value that another person cannot create and is willing to pay money for.

The third question I ask is: So [they] need to grow flowers and try to earn some money. Business success is when a person does something that he considers the most important thing for himself. So I think that the creation of a successful business is a commandment: Entrepreneurs do not have sufficient knowledge of business planning and reporting on financial matters.

In rural areas, business activity is limited, and people are mainly engaged in agricultural production.


Processing their agricultural products, however, is often neglected, and a lack of jobs in rural areas is driving young people to leave in search of seasonal work in Astana, Almaty and other cities.

These centers provide business support packages with free standard services like consultations on how to prepare and file tax reports, how to develop business plans and apply for funding, how to register a new business or how to market your business.

They also provide educational support programs, including training courses and seminars aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of existing and potential entrepreneurs in business management and the basic functions of business. Supported Successes Inthe government launched the Business Road Map program, which supports small businesses.

The main operator of this program is the Damu fund. Her husband, son and daughter-in-law are all doctors with years of experience, so when Kurmangaliyeva thought of starting a business, she chose the medical sphere.

With the support of her family, Kurmangaliyeva opened the OtauMed medical clinic. According to the entrepreneur, she started the business with capital she had saved on her own. Eventually, she needed more money to purchase new equipment, but was only able to borrow at very high interest rates.

Through the Business Road Map program, however, she was able to get a loan through Temirbank at a rate of 6 percent.

Kazakhstan driving forces

The money went to buy an ambulance for her clinic. It provides urology, gynecology, cardiology, dentistry and cosmetology services. The clinic also operates daycare and an acupuncture office. Through another management training program targeting SMEs, deputy director of the firm Zhanar Dulibayeva got to study at Nazarbayev University.

Now, the company plans to send Dulibayeva to Germany for more business training and to purchase equipment for a new clinic.Bremont Co-Founder Nick English gives a brief insight into the design process of the Bremont Supermarine range.

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Driving in Kazakhstan For general tips on driving the Silk Road, see the driving overview page. Here we discuss specifics for driving in Kazakhstan: road rules, the state of the roads, where to find parts, repair shops, and how to deal with transporting, customs and selling a car.

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Kazatomprom, Kazakhstan’s High-tech Nuclear Driving Force. Out of all the mining companies in Kazakhstan, Kazatomprom is the only one to have undergone such a rapid transformation from a mere mining and company into an organization with a high proportion of high-tech production.

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakh: Қазақстанның Қарулы күштері, Qazaqstannyń qarýly kúshteri), is the name of the unified armed forces of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan driving forces

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