Reaching out to indian hindu essay

Report Committee Introduction We give thanks to God Almighty for his gracious act of salvation in Jesus Christ, which has made possible the entrance into the Kingdom of God for over million Hindu people dispersed throughout the world, with the majority in the Indian sub-continent.

Reaching out to indian hindu essay

Reaching out to indian hindu essay

Essay on Different Religions in India Article shared by: India presents a baffling diversity in religious persuasions and faiths. Although the traditional religion of the land is Hinduism, many other faiths and belief systems, from tribal forms of religion to Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, have coexisted for centuries.

These faiths are indigenous Indie as well as introduced from outside extra-Indic. Within Hinduism, a number of sects, such as Vaisnavism and Saivism, emerged on the scene adding further diversity to the cultural mosaic. These sects have a specific geographic patterning of their own in the country.

This shows how ideological differences and philosophical interpretations lead to diverse socio-cultural practices and the associated rituals based on religious faiths. Thus it is evident that the differences in religious ideologies may lead to sect formation even within the same religion.

These differences have led to the emergence of regional nuances in religious practices. These protest movements also led to reform within Hinduism. In its original form it was a fine blend of the basic elements of Hinduism and Islam. Religious faiths which originated in West Asia, e. Later missionary activity systematically organized by the Christian missions during the subsequent centuries, particularly the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries, found many responsive groups among the tribes and the Hindu depressed castes.

The spread of Islam In northern and western India was a later phenomenon. Evidently, coexistence of multiple faiths and a pervasive spirit of tolerance has been a distinguishing feature of the Indian society through the ages.

Social Expression of Religious Identity: Although religion is a matter of personal faith, religious identity of an individual in India is often expressed at the social plane. The Indian society conforms to this norm. Mass festivals are common and the year is dotted with religious events, major as well as minor, which have far-reaching social implications.

For example, large processions are taken out with great zeal. Likewise, people offer mass prayers in mosques and churches on certain festivals.

Mass prayers are also held in mosques on every Friday.

The celebration of festivals acquires dimensions which transcends the limits of the private sphere of life. They become occasions of public expression of religious identity. Elements of Religious Identity: The issue of religion, or religion-based identity, may be approached in several ways.

First, religion is a matter of faith, a personal affair and a philosophy of life of an individual or a group of individuals. Secondly, and flowing from the first, followers of a certain religion, by virtue of their adherence to a common faith, may develop a community feeling.

This leads to conscious or unconscious expression of solidarity with the followers of that religious faith. Thirdly, a common code of social conduct based on a religious faith may lead to public expressions of a particular religious identity, e.

Followers of other religions are often ranked on a scale constructed in the light of a particular religious ideology and are then rated as superior, inferior or even untouchable. If religion is a matter of personal faith, and there is little adherence to a publicly manifested code of conduct, it does not affect anybody.

Other forms of discriminatory social behaviour follow.In this effort to communicate Jesus Christ to the Hindu, the Indian Christian faces the tension between being faithful to the content of the Bible, and relating this content to the theological, philosophical, and religious context of the Hindu.

Reaching out. After India gained independence, Bhutan was one of the first countries to reach out to the new India.

Reaching out to indian hindu essay

Out of these, Buddhism and Hinduism are two of the most popular religions within the general population. Hinduism is the oldest known religion and is very rich, with . The caste system in Hinduism was created around BC, during the Vedic period, and has been a continual tradition in Hindu society even after being outlawed in the Indian Constitution in which was a major change for Hindu society.

Essay on Different Religions in India. coexistence of multiple faiths and a pervasive spirit of tolerance has been a distinguishing feature of the Indian society through the ages. As pointed out earlier, a remarkable feature of Hindu society is a spirit of tolerance and accommodation of multiple forms of faith.

It was because of this. Hindu Religion Marshenia Francis May 10, Hinduism is the worlds third largest and oldest skybox2008.comsm is the belief that has evolved over the years.

This religion has stood the test of time.

Essay on Different Religions in India